In order to ensure that each client is taken care of in a consistent, responsible manner we have developed a systematic process which acts our guiding principles for each of our clients. What does that mean to you? It means that you know what you can expect when you deal with us. 

Financial Planning Process

While covered in more detail on our Quality Financial Planning page, each client receives a financial plan during the first months of our relationship. The financial planning process is an important part of ensuring that we are taking the correct steps for each individual when it comes to their goals, risks and investments. Devan has developed this process over nearly a decade and the unique output helps to ensure a proactive approach to your financial wellbeing.

Having a systematic, conservative approach to financial planning means that we have taken all the appropriate steps in ensuring that we have stress-tested each plan, while remaining consistent to planning principles.

This means that you can rest easier knowing that there is a plan for you and your love ones at any stage of life.


Relationship and Service Process

Our value is created through the service we provide to each one of our clients. Service means keeping in touch with people on an established, proactive basis and we have a process in place to help keep us on track. Everyone has a daily routine, and ours involves checking to see who needs to be proactively called.

Why does this matter? Thinking back on previous relationships you may have had with service providers, did you feel like you fell through the cracks after a few months? Following our Financial Advisory Partnership Agreement (found at the bottom of the About Us page), we set up an ongoing series of calls and appointments which ensure that this does not happen.

This process helps to ensure that you hear from us regularly, and those you may refer in can expect the same treatment.





Investment Process

People invest so that they can make money. We believe in Smart Investing and having a process for investing our client’s money in a way that makes sense for them. Our investment process focuses on risk management, security selection and diversification. The real benefit of starting with the Quality Financial Plan, is that we can establish parameters for how much risk we are taking on for each individual and how it will ultimately impact their wealth. After understanding our client’s risk tolerance, we then go to work on creating an investment portfolio.

The process of investment selection is one that has been developed over Trevor’s 23 years as a financial advisor. He considers the type of investments that provide the best return for each given level of risk and then narrows his focus to fit the long and short-term liquidity of the investment. Taking into account our client’s knowledge, overall market conditions and any opportunities that present themselves, Trevor works to put a diversified portfolio of investments together. The additional benefit of having two advisors working with you is that Devan also reviews the investment mix and how the mix ultimately fits with client’s goals. Two heads are better than one when it comes to this process, which requires years of expertise to master.

The investment process acts as an important tool for our team to ensure that our clients, and prospective clients, are making the most of their money, without putting it at undue risk.


You may entered this page wondering what was so important about established processes and your financial future. We hope that you can see that by establishing strong processes and practices in our business, that you can feel comfortable that you will experience similar experiences as those on our testimonials page.


You will also feel comfortable that those you may refer will continue to receive ongoing support. If you would like to hear more about our business built on process, please give us a call at (403) 220-9808 or send us an email.