Forming a close relationship with your advisor is very important. As financial advisors, we deal with the most intimate aspect of many people’s lives; their money. This means that we are exposed to many emotional situations and need to understand each of our clients in order to give advice that fits their ever-changing lifestyle and situation. You need to find a connection with those who manage your money. 

Personal Values and Ethics

We believe that clients should share our core values. These values act as our guiding principles for all interactions with clients and the public as a whole. Have a look through the list and decide for yourself if the values are similar to yours. We believe that each of our clients deserves full disclosure when it comes to our relationship, which is why we spent so much time ensuring that our website tackles many of the contentious issues facing our industry. If you do not feel like your advisor commits to values you hold important, please give us a call.

Transparency – We inform clients of what we are and are not capable of. We are transparent in our fees and how we get paid.

      Educational We believe that education about personal finance is important at any age and with any amount of wealth. Not only does it improve dialogue, it can help ensure that both advisor and client are making the right choices to improve our client’s financial wellbeing.


Being able to speak openly and candidly about your situation means you need to be comfortable communicating with your advisor. We commit, in writing, to contacting you regularly about your finances, but we need to hear from our clients when important situations and life events occur.

We work hard at developing relationships with our clients that encourages open communication on a variety of topics. We talk sports, movies, travel alongside our conversations about the markets and your personal finances.

We seek to communicate in a way that our clients can understand and take great pride in expressing ourselves in a simple, concise way. Education is a very important factor in communication, so that we can speak the same language when it comes to your finances. We commit to education in each of our meetings and through our website.



Form a relationship with your advisor based on trust, communication and a shared sense of values. Find an advisor that you know will be in the business for a long period of time, preferably throughout your retirement.


If you would like to know more about the relationships we form with our clients, have a look at our Testimonials page, give us a call at (403) 220-9808 or send us an email.