When considering any type of service provider, everyone looks for value for the dollar they pay for this service. We attempt to create value through the services, advice and results we provide to each of our clients. In order to evaluate value you are getting from your relationship, consider the following points:


As demonstrated to our service process and our commitment to high levels of service, we offer service as a main aspect of the value that we deliver to our clients. We believe that you should hear from your advisor proactively throughout the year. The conversations should focus on proactive ideas for your investments, topics that pertain to your situation, especially those topics arising from your Quality Financial Plan, and to make sure that there are no major changes in your life or lifestyle. Other aspects of service can include ensuring that you are in contact with your advisor, not their assistant/associate, on a regular basis and having access to client events. Consider these as some of the aspects of value that apply to service.

Financial Planning

As mentioned on our process and financial planning pages, we use financial planning as the basis of our decision making when it comes to investments, which type of account to use and how to best plan cash flow needs for our clients. The value of starting with planning is that it provides clear, proactive steps in order to achieve goals and minimize risks. The process and content that has been developed is unique and personal to each of our clients. Regardless of your stage in life, a carefully constructed Quality Plan will be of great value and a source of comfort for you and those you care about.


You want to work with the best, and we believe our unique experiences and training makes us the best. Our team has achieved many designations which focus on various aspects of finance and investing.  Our expertise helps clients feel confident in the advice they are receiving and allows us to work with a variety of complex situations. When you consider choosing an advisor, take the time to learn more about the letters behind their name. Figure out if their areas of expertise fit your definition of value.

Investment Performance

Your money should grow for you in a way that you understand. This means knowing what you are invested in and why. Smart Investing involves making investment decisions that fit your financial plan. Your investments should perform at the best level for the type and amount of risk you are willing to take on. We help to design a portfolio which can provide you the cash flow when you need it and that will help to shield you from market volatility. Many people see this as the main value that investment advisors provide, and we work hard to ensure that your money is working for you.


We believe that you should have a great working relationship with your advisor. This means that you look forward to hearing from them and feel comfortable talking with them about your life, concerns and finances. We work at making connections with each of our clients on a meaningful level. This helps to keep open communication with our clients and makes each of our meetings fun. We host events every year to bring our clients together for fun events, which will include open houses, social events and seminars. If you feel like your advisor doesn't connect with you or if you feel like they are speaking over your head when you meet with them, give us a call.



If you believe you are not receiving value for the compensation you are paying your advisor, or would like to know more about a certain topic or event, please give our office a call at (403) 220-9808 or send us a note by email